Master Data Driven Design


The master’s program Data-driven Design trains you to become a “digital creative” in the truest sense of the word. After completing this master’s program, you are able to combine your domain expertise with data skills, knowledge of emerging business structures, and an understanding of the various forms in which digital transformation takes place.

As a digital creative, your key task is developing concepts, products and services that create value through a sophisticated interplay of data and design. Your products act as interfaces between the digital world of computers and the organic world of your users. This means that your concepts and services not only attract and engage people, but are also capable of transforming interaction into valuable information. Once you have succeeded in establishing such a connection, you will be able to learn from your users, anticipate on their preferences and provide them with increasingly relevant and personalized services.


Startdatum: The programme starts in September. You can sign up for the assesment and/or the master by using the button: ‘aanmelden’. Do you have a question about this master and want us to call you first? That is an option too. You can use the same button. We like to hear from you.

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Locatie: Heidelberglaan 15 Utrecht
Omvang: 60 EC
Toelatingseisen: Click here for an overview of the admission requirements
Open dag:

Are you interested to apply for the Master Data-driven Design (English taught) programme at HU? Please visit the open day in Utrecht on Tuesday the 13th of November, from 18.00 till 21.00hrs.

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